They would never consider euthanization.

Meet Lumen, a Great Dane pup from Mexico who was unfortunately born with congenital abnormalities that affected both her tiny legs and paws.

Her toes on her paws aren’t separate unlike a normal pup’s – they were fused together. Lumen is also born deaf. Considered a ‘reject’, she was abandoned by her breeder when she reached four weeks’ old.

Thankfully, someone picked her up and brought her all the way to Luvable Dog Rescue located in Eugene, Oregon. Despite the common opinion and topic of euthanization, staff felt that Lumen should be given a chance at life. After all, look how sweet she is!

Lumen’s greatly deformed feet needed extensive surgery and durable support systems that would allow her to walk like a normal dog would – and the veterinary team recommended customizable sets of orthotics and prosthetics.

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With new leg support, Lumen would then be able to live a much more fulfilling life.

Aside from her deformities, Lumen never let her inability to walk deter her – everyone who came across her adored her, and she loved them back. Therefore, no one would ever want to give up on this Great Dane.

An entire team of surgeons from Oregon State University Small Animal Teaching Hospital operated and also scheduled Lumen’s future procedures – she was in good hands.

Lumen already underwent two surgeries, but experienced a staph infection while she was hospitalized. Watch her life story below!

Lumen experienced a successful recovery, and is well on her way to walking normally once more. Despite her disability, Lumen remains very much the optimistic dog – happy and playful, she loves and craves human affection!