My pets hate taking baths, but this Great Dane loves it!

Dogs and taking a bath, well, they either love it or hate it, no in-between. If you are fortunate, your pet will belong to the group that enjoys getting bath rubs and playing with water. More or less like this incredibly elegant and intelligent Great Dane.

These dogs are known for their enormous height and body and can weigh over a hundred pounds. Knowing this, we’ll say his owner is lucky because let’s get honest, no one can really fight with such a big dog over taking him to the bathroom and giving him a nice cleanup.

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The sweet dog is staying outside, but he then hears his daddy asking what day it is. Well, it’s Sunday, and Sunday is a bath day. Interestingly enough, the dog seems to be fully aware of that and simply invites himself into the bathroom. Once in, he’s trying to fit inside the bathtub. It’s obvious he’s looking forward to his favorite activity of getting a refreshing shower and is patiently waiting for his owner to come.

Take a look at him in the video below: