There are few experiences as good as bonding with an animal. Without even using words, they can communicate with us, which is really cool. They have their own way of letting those around them know what they want. For instance, if you have dogs, you can tell what they’re thinking by looking into their eyes.

Deer seem to be the same. They are really shy and meek, but they can really open out to those they trust. For instance, this clip was taken at Fawn Lake in Pennsylvania. A friendly deer had walked right up to a man. And just like a dog, she kept nudging and poking the man! It looked like she wanted something from him.

The deer ended up persuading the man to give her some snacks. The man even put it over her head, and she stood up on her back legs to get to it! Doesn’t she remind you of a dog? she must have gotten used to interacting with people in the park, which is why she was so friendly.

Check out their amazing interaction below:

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