I don’t know about you, but I know a few cool facts about chicken. First, a hen is smart enough to recognize 100 entities. Second, a hen is caring, affectionate and motherly. You’ve probably witnessed it yourself. That’s what makes this video really special and people can’t get enough of it!

The video was captured in a farm setting where this farmer has kept some hens. Expectedly, he goes to collect the eggs from the hens every day, but on this day, he ended up collecting something else. You won’t believe this!

So here’s this hen sitting on something. As anyone would think, this farmer expects to get an egg from under the hen, so he goes ahead to nudge the little creature to give it up. Turns out, hens don’t just mother other little chicks. Hens are universal mothers!

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There’s a little kitty under the hen. Can you believe this? So this hen was so motherly that she decided to adopt a desperate kitty in need to care? So lovey!

Watch the video below :

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