Look how happy this dog is today!

A dog named Peanut had been chained up on a rural property in Pennsylvania – for almost his entire life. His owners neglected him, and had a old-school mentality of keeping a dog outside to ‘guard’ the property. It is hard to imagine tethering a dog this way for its entire lifetime. But this was Peanut’s daily life, with a heavy chain around his neck, a makeshift wooden ‘kennel’ and limited space to move.

Locals were aware of the dog’s situation after the fence on the property fell over, revealing Peanut’s living situation. Authorities were alerted, but nothing was done in the end. Eventually, HOPE for Erie Animal Wellness, a rescue about an hour away which aims to improve the lives of chained-up dogs, was notified via phone.

Russelline Steinbuhle stated that the organization had been receiving lots of worried calls about Penaut. Russelline decided to pay Peanut a visit herself, and investigate.

Peanut’s wooden make-shift doghouse was old, and was almost falling apart – with holes in the roof as well as a rotting floor.  Peanut was found simply lying down in a pool of water. Russelline decided to take care of Peanut, and approached his owners. With some convincing, they admitted to leaving him chained up all the time, but accepted the assistance she offered.

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Russelline tried her best to visit Peanut several times a week, and would even pop by every single day. Peanut was due to be freed from the dark corner of the yard he had once occupied. Instead of treating Peanut better, the owners had ultimately decided to surrender Peanut to HOPE. Russelline took Peanut under her care and ferried him to Critter Camp and Cuts, where he was cleaned up and allowed to roam freely.

Today, Peanut lives with a loving foster family, where he is adjusting to his new life. Since his rescue, Peanut has never been chained up or restricted ever again. Freedom was now his, in a home surrounded by love.

Watch Peanut in action – in the two videos below!