If you know anything about cats, you’ll also know that they’re territorial. Cats don’t like people who steal their stuff, and that’s why the cute little feline in the video couldn’t sit and watch a group of ducks get away with his bag of treats. He had to get it back by all means!

It all started when these naughty ducks conspired to go “klepto” on the cat. They stole his bag of treats as he enjoyed a nice moment with his human. However, they soon found themselves on the receiving end of a commando cat when the feline found out. Next? Unbelievable!

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After the cat makes a first trial and soaks in water, his human friend comes up with a nice technology to help the cat claim back his right. He builds him a “ship” to pursue the ducky “pirates” in the waters. You can’t miss this!

Watch and see how the cat rides off into the waves and grabs his bag of treat Navy Seal-style. This is awesome!

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