Dogs are the most loyal creatures, and that’s not only true when it comes to their humans, but to their favorite place in the house as well. When they choose a special spot, they tend to be quite territorial, which means they don’t want their personal space to be invaded.

Henry, the Great Dane, wants to make sure no one sleeps in his bed. And if someone tries to take his comfortable sleeping place, he will tell them to move in a very interesting way.

Knowing how Henry hates when someone goes near his plush pillow, his human daddy tries to pull a prank on him by pretending to be taking a nap in his bed. Once Henry spots the intruder, he immediately tries to address the matter by “telling” him to get out of there. The dad acts as though he doesn’t understand what the giant dog has to “say” so Henry decides to use his paw in order to tell his dad he is not really welcome and how he should find his own favorite spot.

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However, once he gets a nice petting, he forgets about the issue for a few moments. But he then again tries hard to have his plush pillow for himself. It is quite entertaining to watch how the dog tries to move his owner in such a gentle manner, no matter his big size.

Great Danes weren’t always nice and gentle. Their breed was once used because of their fierce hunting abilities. They were considered strong and aggressive, but over time, this changed a great deal, and today, they make amazing pets.

Great Danes are loyal and family-oriented. They know how to have fun, like the dog of this kind we all love, Scooby-Doo.

Take a look at the video below to see how Henry tries to take over his bed.

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