Warning: You need a lot of tissues to start watching this.

Some people say that animals don’t have real feelings, but we’ve debunked this theory again. Well, this time around, it’s a bird thing, and you can’t miss!

Imagine you’ve an only best friend with whom you’ve had many joyful moments. You’ve flown together, pecked on the trees together, walked in the woods together, and even witnessed family events together. You’ve practically lived together for a long time. And then death knocks.

The situation isn’t any different from the human setting. This bird and his best buddy had built a really nice and joyous life together, and now the little creature is left alone with the owner. His friend has passed away, and the family is mourning. But it’s the little bird that’s been hit the most.

In the video, you watch the bird and its owner as they go about the burial preparations for their late friend, and you can tell the bird is having a really hard time letting his friend go. He doesn’t even seem to believe his buddy is dead.

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Watch as he pays him his last respects, and you’ll want to use those tissues.

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