What will be your answer if you were to be asked to state the use of paper towels? Definitely, your answer will be that they are used for cleaning purposes. I can’t say that it is wrong since they are found in every home and nearly in all the rooms, from the kitchen, toilet to even the dining room.

In the clip below, you will be more than shocked to find out other uses of the paper towels, and more shocking still is who uses them. I particularly was stunned to know that birds too use paper towels, but not for the cleaning purposes as demonstrated below.

The bird in the video seems to be having the greatest fun in his life when he came across a paper towel. With just seeing this towel, the bird recalled having danced the tango and had to do it again to see if he still remembers the moves well. Apart from that, it seems that he was an acrobat too, from the way he rolls down and covers himself with the paper towel. I never seen such a bird full of tricks.

Watch the clip below to see for yourself how amazing a paper towel can be when given to this bird. Let us know if this happens to other birds too or it’s just this one by commenting here below. Please SHARE this funny video to all your friends on Facebook!

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