It really makes you wonder how long he’d been like this, LOL!

What an adorable Great Dane!

Meet the “Apollo of Dogs” amongst all canines. True to the quote ‘ man’s best friend’, this dog breed is truly a special one. A great temperament yet friendly towards almost anyone, patient with children, tolerant and a dependable companion. These qualities are famously associated with the Great Dane, one of the largest dog breeds on Earth.

According to the American Kennel Club, Great Danes are a popular breed, ranking 14 out of 192 in total! With a life expectancy of up to 10 years and belonging to the working class, Great Danes make great family pets, confidantes and exercise buds. Their stature is not for cuddling, however, as Great Danes tower over most dogs and even most people – especially when they stand on their hind legs. Judging by their physical size, you would think that these gentle giants would make great and alert guard dogs. All except for one Great Dane named Nilo, of course.

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Watch Nilo in action in the video below!

Meet Nilo the Great Dane, who is not exactly who you would call a perfect home guardian despite his breed’s reputation. Every day, his owner would come home from work, expecting Nilo to greet him by the gate.

However, he would find Nilo lounging on a hammock by his front porch instead! Amused each time, Nilo’s owner would chuckle at such a sight, even rocking his dog and coaxing him to sleep as well! Now, where can you find a cuter Great Dane than Nilo?

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