It’s as if he somehow knew he was home. ❤️

When you make the decision to adopt an animal from a shelter, you don’t only get yourself a pet, but you save a life!

All those animals who end up there have a story to share. Unfortunately, many of them were dumped by their owners only because they got old, others were neglected, and many were found wandering the streets hungry and exhausted.

Luckily, with the good will of kind-hearted people, each of these animals will eventually find their forever home.

Zoltan is a senior dog who has been found by police officers tied to a fence. The dog was then taken in by New York Bully Crew where he spent around three months, after which he got his happy ending.

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The moment Cynthia laid eyes on the gorgeous dog, she knew he was the one she wanted to bring home. The moment she took him out of the shelter, the most amazing thing happened. Zoltan never looked back. It was as though he knew he was heading to a new life, free of pain and neglect. And he was right!

He was finally home where he was about to experience what it means to be loved and cared for.

We can’t be happier for this lovely dog, and we do hope many other animals will have the chance to get new lease of life!