This is the kind of story that is horrible to report. How people can be this cruel to their pets is beyond any of us. But someone left this poor paralyzed dog to die on the side of the road. They left him with a malfunctioning wheelchair, a bag of diapers and a note.

Disabled dogs are hard to find homes for. Lunita was much the same. When she was at the animal shelter, healthy puppies were always chosen over her. It’s no surprise. Able-bodied puppies are easier to look after and cost much less in vet’s bills. But Lunita the paralyzed dog thought she had finally found her forever home.

However, her family found her too much to handle. But, instead of taking her back to the shelter, they abandoned the defenceless dog. Her heartless owners left her outside a local grooming shop in Argentina. They didn’t care what happened to her.

Luckily for Lunita, a kind soul found her and read the note. They contacted a shelter, who took her in and gave her the care she needed.

After a long time recovering, plenty of visits to the vet, and a new set of wheels, Lunita was adopted again. But, it was heartbreak a second time, as this family also decided they couldn’t take care of the paralyzed dog. However, they had the decency to return her to the shelter.

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Eventually, Lunita made her way up to America. A kind charity called Eddie’s Wheels gave her an even newer wheelchair so she could zoom around at will, and found a forever home for her.

Lunita lived the rest of her years in happiness, being taken care of by kind parents. She died just after she turned 11, but her final days were filled with happiness and care.

“She changed my life forever, I loved her so much,” said her mom. We know that Lunita will have been so appreciative of the care that her mom gave her.

It’s heartbreaking that Lunita suffered so much hardship and eventually died, but really nice to see that she was happy in her final years. Let us know what you think in the comments, and share with your family and friends if you enjoyed.