The next time a friend tries to help you out of a tricky situation, you better behave…or ELSE!

Well, this isn’t just for humans. Animals, too, have been known to not take it kindly when they help “people” who don’t express their “thank yous.”  In fact, “people” like this kind parrot resolve to “normalize” the situation whether they encounter such rudeness and arrogance. This parrot is on another level!

The video opens with someone in the background talking the cool bird into open a black box to help a cat get out. As a kind creature, the parrot obliges to this “cry” and walks over to help. However, the cat seems to be more in the mood to express his nasty mentality immediately after getting helped instead of expressing gratitude. That’s when the parrot decides to dish out some good punishments. You’re about to fall in love with this!

This is so hilarious I had to keep to the edge of the seat.

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