Whoever said that we work best in teams seems to have had quite a job going around telling every creature out there. That became apparent when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. People died, others were left homeless and injured. This disaster affected humans as well animals. This bird is proof of that.

In the clip, you find the story of this guy who worked to survive the disaster. While at it, a hawk showed up from nowhere and headed right into his car. He noticed the animal have suffered. The bird was exhausted and hungry. The guy tried to help him fly, but the creature just kept coming back. He clearly wanted to stay with the family. They had to take him in!

They stayed with the bird and fed him chicken. From the look of it, you can bet the bird enjoyed the stay. When the story finally blew over, the wildlife serves guys were called in to take the wild bird and help him get back to his natural habitat. That’s cool!

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Hawk Finds Someone To Help Him Through The Hurricane

This hawk got scared before the hurricane — so he found this guy and refused to leave his side ❤️

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, August 28, 2017