While it is unknown why these two pups were abandoned by their owner, they have been found clung to each other when they were dropped at the shelter. They probably have been afraid because they were uncertain of what the future might hold for them.

Two weeks ago, Bridget and Louie, as the two pups now named, were taken to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas. They have been photographed upon their arrival, and they were still holding to each other as they had not yet realized that they were about to begin a new better life.

The two pups were obviously having a strong bond together, so they decided to let them share the same kennel at the shelter. They were having the signs of neglect, suffering from matted fur and mange.

The smaller black dog, Louie, had a metal collar with barbs jutting into his neck.

The condition of Bridget’s teeth was bad; she could have been chewing on a chain or another metal that caused her upper teeth to ground down to her gums. She is thought to have had multiple litters. She also could have been with dog fighters who are known to down the teeth of female dogs to protect the males from them. Whether their look had been caused by their being as bait animals or by any other reason, it was so heartbreaking.

Last week, Bridget and Louie were picked up from the shelter by their foster mom and dad on a ride to their temporary home where they will be free.

Once the two dogs arrived at their foster’s family place, they fell in love with their couch! It seemed like Bridget loved sleeping on it!

It seems like they were enjoying relaxing on the porch while they feel the sun on their faces.

With their foster brothers and sisters

Bridget just kept wagging her tail every time her foster mom was taking a picture for her

There is also a plenty of time for snuggles

It is very good for any animal lover to know that there is a brighter future for Bridget and Louie

Both dogs are on their way to heal enough before they are put for adoption, they will be listed on the web site of Texas Animal Shelter when they are ready!

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