When Matzo knocked over the trashcan in the kitchen, this dog knew he was so busted!

After Mom walked in on the mess, she confronted her beloved pooch, and got the most hilarious reaction.

Although some may claim that dog’s can’t feel guilt, this adorable dog slowly slinks away, and his reaction told her everything she needed to know.

Captured on camera by the dog’s owner, Matzo can’t hide his guilt and slowly scoots father and father away and looks extremely guilty when its owner challenges it. Of course, his owner can’t help but laugh. I mean, who could ever be mad at that cute face?!

This has probably happened to every dog owner — coming back home to find your little furry friend standing still with that classic guilty look.

As mom says the dog’s name once again, the guilty pup slowly retreats back into the safety under the computer desk until he can’t even be seen. That’s one way to get out of the dog house.

Aww. Poor Matzo. Try not to be too hard on yourself, buddy!

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