They both suffered a life of abuse, so the rescuers weren’t sure how they’d react. Wow…

The two Pit Bulls are just too adorable!

Two Pit Bulls named Cadence and Chance were taken in by Hope For Paws during two separate rescues in 2013 – but staff at the rescue organization were unsure how they would react to being around each other.

Since the two Pit Bulls had a traumatizing history of abuse, Hope for Paws was hesitant about their introduction at first, but they decided to give it a shot anyway.

A few years back, Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, had found Cadence when she was then serving as a bait in a dog fighting ring.

Her poor body was covered in wounds and scars, with her face taking most of the physical trauma.

The very next day, Hagar found Chance hiding under a hot dog cart in Los Angeles. He had lived on the streets prior to his rescue, trusted no one and hated human touch. Thankfully, Hagar was able to assure both dogs and bring them back to the shelter where they’ll be safe.

After receiving a bath each and medical attention, the shelter staff decided it was a good time to let the two pit bulls finally meet.

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The moment Cadence and Chance set sight on each other, both of their tails start to wag and their faces lit up.

Within seconds, the two rescued dogs were happily playing together! With their paws tapping on the floor and hops around the room, the pair had a marvelous playtime together.

Plus, both of the dogs quickly adapted to life in the shelter and have showed many just how loving and affectionate they could be! Thanks to their new outlook on life, it wasn’t long until they were both adopted – into wonderful families of their own!

Watch how the two pups meet in the video below!

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